Today’s technology is getting smarter and most of companies have tendency of going fast through mobile. Mobile developers are getting more important responsibilities day by day. Well I wish, it could be only related to coding but it is not. Most of problems are about design issues.

To start with, UI/UX designers should get on well. They should both follow the latest trends for both Android and IOS applications. They should work together and arrange the applications according to app content with all of the options for best infrastructure and components. Architecture of the apps should be underlined. So that designers have to work closely with developers. Designed screens and custom components should be responsive and compatible with whole of the app.

Design should match with performance

Custom components, especially which are requires information for the actions, and the animations have to be supported by UI/UX. Visual effects (especially animations) with multi-step processes causes complaints. If UI/UX design of the app is not compatible and responsive, mobile developers have to spend much more effort than they think and the coding architecture of the mobile app might be like a garbage.

  • Simplification Design
  • Linear Design
  • Content-Centered Design
  • Gesture Animation
  • Material Design

The Best Visual Effects for Your App

Simple animations, components, minimalism, simple color schemes and step by step actions. UI elements must be interactive. In addition, fonts, colors, icons, animations and with all other elements should be presented simply. Natural interactions is focused on, adapting a video/image might be useful to get short attention.

At Avvio, Each app with have unique design that is not related to other designs

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